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Have You Tried Three Sisters Cereals?
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Available only at Whole Foods

NOTE: This contest is closed and was won by Can It You Nit on February 1, 2011.


If you know me than you know I eat cereal and oatmeal (both!) every single day. Really. (creature of habit & all that!)  So I’m a self proclaimed expert on the stuff. I have a few basics that I like but I try new stuff now & then.

I had a chance to try out some cereals and a variety of oatmeals courtesy of  Three Sisters. (Thanks, ladies!) They sent me some of their Marshmallow Oaties, Cinnamon Sweets, as well as their dark chocolate, plain grain, and brown sugar & maple flavored oatmeals.

My kids were all over the Marshmallow Oaties, and you know why?

Helga’s Chicken Finger/Fish Stick Recipe
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Easy recipe

Kid Friendly Chicken Fingers

If you know me, you know that feeding my kids is one of the biggest challenges for me as a parent. My kids get along for the most part. They could use some lessons in table manners, sure.  But feeding them? Don’t get me started! It is expensive enough to buy organic meats, cheeses, milk, etc, but when they outright reject what I serve? I lose my sh*t.  My 6 year old boy takes one look at the dish in front of him, and instead of fighting me on it (“If I don’t see you at least eating some of what is on your plate, you can go straight to bed, mister! I will not listen to you cry & moan over this meal!”) he will say “OK, I’m going to bed. Good night.” And he will head upstairs, brush his teeth, and go to bed. I am not exaggerating. This has happened more than once. Of course, then he is up at 5 am, hungry.

A Few of My Favorite Things- Part 1
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My husband called me out on something.

After my last post on being Grinch-y, he cocked an eyebrow at me and said “You can’t make it sound like you don’t like some stuff. I know you are anti-stuff, but you still buy some stuff.” He’s got me there, so I am going to tell you about some stuff I like.

Let me start by saying I love books. I love to buy books but lately I’ve acknowledge that the library, for the most part, fills my needs. But I don’t feel comfortable taking library books into the tub.

I love taking a tubby, as we used to call it when the kids were small. I love a good organic lavender oil, (I get them at Whole Foods) some Epsom salts, a loofah and a book or a mag.  My daughter likes to come in while I’m taking a tubby and practice her violin for me.  A lock on the door would be nice but that’s a lot to ask for.

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If you read my blog you know that I believe that going green absolutely matters.  Every little bit helps.  Remember when barns were raised in a day with the help of an entire community?  That shows the collective power of every person’s effort.

Stephen Jannise over at Software Advice wants to know “Does Going Green Matter?  Lessons from 5 Eco-Friendly Supply Chains” and he needs the input of the green community out there.   There is a short survey (I promise it really is quick, you can get through it in about 2 minutes tops) that aims to find out: would the eco-friendliness of a company’s supply chain affect your decision to buy their products?  Highlighting five major companies – IBM, Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, Patagonia and Pepsi and briefly touching on their efforts to green their images in terms of packaging, sourcing and delivery, it’s a post that makes you think about the complexities getting the goods to you.  If you hadn’t thought about it before, you will now.  It doesn’t just show up on the shelves waiting for you!

Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
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How many of you remember the  urban myth about the Neiman Marcus cookie story? It started floating around in 1990, I have a newspaper article I cut out from a spring 1992 Dallas Morning News. It was written by Stanley Marcus, one of the early presidents of  Neiman Marcus, and a regular  columnist for the Dallas Morning News in the 1990’s,  refuting the whole thing as “factually unfounded”.