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Garden Girl Skincare Giveaway
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(This giveaway is officially closed.)

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I love to do giveaways!  This week I have the pleasure of giving away some higher end products from Garden Girl Skincare.

I am one of those women that have fallen prey to many a skincare line. I hate buying something and it does not deliver. Samples are usually too small to make an impact – most skin care lines need time to be effective, nothing works overnight. If it says it does, it usually doesn’t. And paying big bucks for a product does not guarantee results – I once received a full size, one ounce jar of La Mer (that’s $135 an OUNCE!) as a gift and I swear I could not tell the difference after finishing it many months later. (It did last a long time, though.)

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While I am running around trying to get all my ducks in a row on another project, I thankfully have a guest post to share today from Brian Jenkins…

These days most kids prefer to be indoors playing video games, text messaging, and hanging out on Facebook or MySpace. Their experiences of the great outdoors are defined by what they see on television and on the Internet. How can you get your kids interested in nature? It’s impossible (just kidding, hopefully!) Let’s take a look at some of the ways to get kids interested in the great outdoors:

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I’ve been so busy this past week and a half since my last post. My business computer AND my kid’s laptop both died on the same day. Suspicious, until I saw the so-called ‘surge protector’ that my pc was plugged into – when I unplugged it, it was slightly burnt & melted. Mystery solved! Anyway, I have had Carbonite 24/7 automatic back-up on my computer since 2007, a lifesaver, really. Otherwise almost 20 GB of music and over 11,000 pictures would have been lost. It does take a while to transfer all the info from one computer to another, so I’ve spent quite a bit of time on that. There has been so many other items on my to-do list, well, something had to be ignored, and Live Green Mom was one of them.

Anyway! Enough griping. Today I have a guest post today from Jane Sanders with some tips on some fun, greener ways to spend your free time as well as save a little green. Feel free to chime in with your suggestions!


Many people believe that living green is about with changing one’s entire lifestyle. Many also believe that these changes are associated with high costs. However, this is not the case. There are a many ways people can live a greener lifestyle, and many of these ways are absolutely free! Let’s take a look at 10 different ways to live a greener life.


1) Going out to eat is always a fun leisure activity that everyone enjoys taking a part of. When eating out drinking tap water is one major free way to live a greener lifestyle. Since tap water has higher regulations than bottled water there is no reason to order a bottle of water when eating out, especially being that over 60 million plastic bottles are thrown into landfills on a daily basis.


2) Everyone loves watching a movie now and then. Choose to rent movies from a paid subscription movie provider; many times the providers will enable subscribers to watch free movies.

Unplug Electronics

3) While taking time to do some leisure outside activities a person can always save money by unplugging the electronics within their home. This is a great way to live green and it even saves money on their electric bills.


4) Play board games. Playing board games is a wonderful free way to get local friends and family together to have a good time.


5) If you enjoy reading try reading green books. These books are made of completely recycled materials. To go the extra mile, read green books that suggest ways to live a greener lifestyle.


6) If you like playing golf choose to walk the course instead of utilizing a golf cart. This not only saves on gas but it is a great way to get in some needed exercise.


7) For all the boat lovers it never hurts to take a paddle downstream or to go sailing. This provides the ultimate way to enjoy the waters in a green way.

Print Your Tickets

8) If you are planning on taking a trip print your itinerary at home. This also applies to printing concert tickets and such. This form of printing uses regular printing paper which is easy to recycle.

Pack Lightly

9) When taking a trip always remember to pack lightly. Airlines do not charge extra luggage fees for nothing. It costs a lot more to operate a jet when extra luggage is on board.


10) Instead of installing and paying for your own pool utilize a community swimming pool; this is an excellent way to meet new people too.

This article was contributed by Jane Sanders from Debt Management. Visit her site for tips on choosing the right debt management service.

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If you read this blog, you know how frustrated I get trying to get my kids to eat a better variety of healthy foods, especially vegetables. My kids really aren’t bad about junky food, they just have such a limited number of foods that they will allow to pass their lips, especially vegetables that are – gasp! – green. I thought you would enjoy a good giggle at this Xtranormal animated short I created to vent. If you haven’t seen the Mompetition videos on YouTube, then you are in for a treat, check those out as well.

Without further ado…

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Electronics and appliance recycling day will take place at Peace Lutheran Church, 107 Concord Road in Wayland, MA on Saturday June 5 from 9am to 2pm.


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