Cucina Antica – Bought It, Tried It, Loved It!

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There are a couple of products out there I discovered all on my own (a good Whole Foods Madness sale didn’t hurt, either) that I wanted to share with everyone.

Just so you know, NO company is sponsoring this post, NO one sent me anything for free. I just happened to buy it, try it, and love it. Whole Foods has a liberal return policy and since I shop there often (because of the great savings I get with ROI Health cards – I mean SERIOUS savings here folks!) I like to try things…and return it if I don’t like it. I am not shy about getting my money back, you shouldn’t be, either.

Cucina Antica Ketchup, your kids will like it!

Cucina Antica Ketchup, your kids will like it!

If you have been looking for an organic ketchup, look no further, Cucina Antica is our new favorite. I am not the biggest ketchup fan but my husband and daughter are – and this one is so much better than you think ketchup has a right to be. Very fresh tasting without being so gourmet that your kids recoil because it is too different than the mainstream junk that has corn syrup in it.

And my new favorite addition to my kitchen, Cucina Antica Tomato Basil sauce. Again, a bright fresh tomato sauce that doesn’t taste like it’s been on the shelf forever. I have been wanting to make my own tomato sauce for a while now but it seems like a ton of work, prep and storage for…tomato

Cucina Antica Sauces

Cucina Antica Sauces

sauce. Now I just buy a jar of this stuff and the guilt of not making homemade is gone. Yummy yummy! My only request is that along with their other organic products, they need to offer organic sauces as well. I use it not only for my spaghetti but also making homemade lasagna.

They come up on sale now & again at Whole Foods. I have also found them on the shelves at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods (All owned by TJX) for a steal, I stock up on them. If you shop at these places then you know the most random food products pop up on their shelves but not on any regular basis – so if you see them there, don’t hesitate, grab them.

When I have a big jar of sauce and I want to use just a little, I freeze the rest in half cup amounts so I can pull it out in single serving sizes. These sauces freeze & thaw well.

Have you tried any products from Cucina Antica? What do you think?

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