I Love Glass Straws!

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Glass straws! What?!

That is what I said to myself after watching  Fake Plastic Fish 2009 Plastic Resolution. Beth Terry of Oakland, California  managed to get through 2009 using on 3.8 pounds of plastics. Do you know what a feat that is?  That is dedication to the cause.  It takes quite a bit of pre-planning and thinking ahead to accomplish.  Watch her video and you, too, will be impressed and even inspired, as I was.

My take on the whole ‘going green’ thing is that I am doing it in manageable increments, so I don’t get overwhelmed and give up. I’m not one to give up easily, but when you start to read all those links that get Twittered and retweeted to you, then start buzzing around the internet looking for information and guidance on the subject, you can get sucked into what seems like a  ‘this-is-hopeless-why-bother’ attitude. Makes it tempting to just back away and leave it to all those  Über-Greenies. (“They’ll take care of it all so I can continue to ignore it!” Wrong. Group effort here.) Like I heard some woman on Oprah say once, “You have to lean into it”. That’s a  healthy approach! And – Oprah loves glass straws too!

Watch Beth’s video a few times and glean a bit here and there. One point that struck me was that she brings glass straws with her everywhere she goes. Glass straws! I never once thought about straws. They seems so little and innocuous. But then I started to think. (Hear the creaking?) Think about all the straws used once throughout the day, throughout the USA, throughout the world and that is a shitload of plastic waste. You might say, Dee, I wash my straws and re-use them. Wrong again, my wanna-be-green friends. Not trying to be all neggy-neggy.  I used to do this myself. As I am learning too, it isn’t a good idea to re-use plastics (in general) but it truly a bad idea to re-use plastics meant for only one use.  These plastic products break down quickly, (and I don’t mean in a green-composting-good-break-down-kinda-way)  leeching atrocious chemicals into whatever you are eating/drinking.

And of course the cosmos works in ways that I will never figure out. Glass Dharma started ‘following’ me on Twitter. They sell *glass glass straws, glass dharma, hemp carriers, cleaning brushstraws*! Brilliant! I contacted them right away, telling them how I had only just heard about glass straws through Beth at Fake Plastic Fish, and that I thought it was a super idea. I asked if I could review them and they kindly sent me 4 glass straws and hemp carriers and a little scrubby brush, to boot. I used the ‘bendy’ straw right away. Loved it! Sophie found it novel, slurping up her chocolate milk.

You may be saying, that is all well and good at home, but are you going to start taking these things with you? Yes. Yes I am. My husband is skeptical, but supportive. We are leaning, sweetie, leaning

Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Live Green Mom’s family taking glass straws with them.

glass straws, glass dharmaLike the people who first started bring their recycled or cloth grocery bags with them to the store, I want to make the small changes that add up. The whole bring-your-own-bag thing, that caught on, why not glass straws?  Start a trend, why don’t we?  What, are people gonna look at us funny because of glass straws?

Clearly, glass straws get a green light!


  1. Great to see this article from a few years back. How has your plastic free journey been since this was posted? Let us know if you’d like more glass straws to review.
    Happy Sipping!

    1. We do still love our glass straws! My kids use them almost daily.

  2. So great to learn where to find glass straws! I’ve been interested in them for a different reason but why not save the planet, too. I am planning to drink my tea and coffee wuth glass straws and see if my teeth get less stained.

  3. RT @livegreenmom: I Love Glass Straws! http://is.gd/81VWb

  4. […] If you’ve read my blog Live Green Mom, you know I am all about small changes that add up over time. Small changes are easier to make and easier to stick to, like my small change using glass straws. […]

  5. RT @Emsorganics: Me too !! RT @LiveGreenMom: I Love Glass Straws! http://is.gd/81VWb @GlassDharma

  6. YES! I'm getting some @GlassDharma straws soon! RT @LiveGreenMom: I Love Glass Straws! http://is.gd/81VWb

  7. YES! I'm getting some @GlassDharma straws soon! RT @LiveGreenMom: I Love Glass Straws! http://is.gd/81VWb

  8. Me too !! RT @LiveGreenMom: I Love Glass Straws! http://is.gd/81VWb @GlassDharma

  9. RT @livegreenmom: I Love Glass Straws! http://is.gd/81VWb @GlassDharma

  10. RT @LiveGreenMom: I Love Glass Straws! http://is.gd/81VWb @GlassDharma

  11. RT @LiveGreenMom: I Love Glass Straws! http://is.gd/81VWb @GlassDharma

  12. My kids have this “need” for straws, especially when they drink our daily smoothies. I can’t tell you how much it pains me to give them disposable ones. I actually had them using re-usable plastic straws for a while, but they were so hard to clean. How are you faring with cleaning the glass straws?? I should really make the switch!

    1. Thanks for reading my post on glass straws! It pained me, too, every time I had to throw away a straw. My husband refuses to save plastic straws for that very reason, he doesn’t feel like you can get them clean. The glass straws have made a BIG small difference in our house. We drink smoothies too, and lots of chocolate milk. They wash up with NO problem in the dishwasher or by hand. I have a squirt bottle of vinegar by the sink and give a squirt inside in case I feel like it needs some extra help. They also have a little scrubby brush that helps if your glass straw is really messy. There are also stainless steel straws out there if you are worried about breakage, but Glass Dharma guarantees their straws and will replace those that break under normal circumstances (not if you are TRYING to TEST their break-ability, though!) Can’t beat THAT! 🙂

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  14. Great review! I have been thinking about doing the reusable straw thing but have only thought about stainless steel not glass yet. Will they break easily?

  15. I completely agree, Dee. It’s the little things we do each day that truly add up!

    Glass straws? …how cool! One step closer to safe and pure.

  16. Wow – glass straws!? How cool are these? Is there the possibility of them shattering in the mouth of a child who bites down? Just curious – they sound like a brilliant idea 🙂

  17. Thanks for the shout out, Dee. I’m glad you love your glass straws. I agree that small personal actions are very important. They are not enough to get us out of the environmental mess we’re in. But we all need to start by taking personal responsibility in our own lives. I love the idea of leaning into it.

  18. Ooh! Glass Dharma straws! I learned about these from Fake Plastic Fish when I first started on this plastic reduction path, and the straws look so wonderful. I’m pleased to hear further positive feedback on them.

    I put a set of 4 on my wedding registry, but sadly nobody took that leap for us. We’re struggling for money right now, so the straws are a “someday” thing for us.

    Oh, and by the way, I found a Dr. Bronner’s bar soap and it’s all I could hope for in the way of lathering, so thanks for pointing me in that direction.

  19. Those are pretty neat. My kids, like most kids are utterly nuts about straws.

  20. What a fun review! Beth is an amazing driving force in the movement of reusables.

    Regarding glass straws – these are a fantastic product. We’ve been carrying them at Greenfeet.com for a few years and found them to be durable and a customer favorite.

    One tip we’ve discovered is to consider using a recycled plastic toothbrush travel holder to keep your straws in. It protects them in the glove compartment, purse or backpack and is green as well. Here’s a link to check them out: http://tinyurl.com/ylzezsl

    I really enjoyed your positive, upbeat approach at living green. If it ain’t positive, it ain’t gonna stick. That comes from 13+ years experience!

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