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Honey Lime Dressing
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I always have a pile of limes around

I always have a pile of limes around

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I’ve been looking for a lighter salad dressing, something I could use for a marinade as well. Most of my homemade dressings can do double duty, but I wanted something…different.

I really love honey lime dressings that I have come across in restaurants, but wasn’t finding a recipe I could make at home  that I liked. Finally I just left out everything I didn’t want and bingo, there it was. I am sure this is not an original recipe, and that it is somewhere out there.  It’s so simple and fast to make, too.

This works very well on chicken, fish, and any kind of salad.

Heavenly Organics White Honey

Heavenly Organics White Honey

I prefer to use a good quality honey like Heavenly Organics Raw White Honey and  Il Casolare olive oil for the best tasting salad dressing. If you are using it as a marinade, less gourmet versions work just as well.

Honey Lime Dressing

  • Juice of 2 – 3 limes, fresh squeezed – start with 2 limes and taste. Add 3rd lime if you like it tart
  • 1/4 cup of olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic

Whisk well. Done! Enjoy.


Spring…? Spring!
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It’s been a long hard winter out here in the Northeast. But finally, finally! Some sun, some rain, the snow melts and my flowers are peeking through the brown grass. Poor things have been waiting an extra three weeks for sun!

What am I looking forward to over the next few weeks?

The People’s Pharmacy – A New Fave Health Resource
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The Graedons, founders of the People's Pharmacy

The Graedons, founders of the People’s Pharmacy

One thing I love, it is an honest opinion about whatever, where the person has nothing to gain in any way by sharing that information. It is how I have found many solutions to any sort of problem. Cleaning without chemicals, home remedies, pain management, diet, exercise, organics, homeopathy, etc etc etc. I have always found that real time input from someone with experience who has been there, done that is invaluable.

Amazon reviews have been a great place to find advice, but now I have a new favorite to add.

The People’s Pharmacy. Go there to read real life reviews and accounts regarding prescription meds, natural alternatives, vitamins, herbs, advice and the like. Explore the Q&A section. Listen to one of their radio shows. The founders, the Graedons, are well educated and well established in this arena of better health though education.

You can find them here on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Like me, you might come across a nugget of advice that doesn’t cost much but does the trick.

And all along the way, you will learn so much you wish you had known sooner.




Food Tips for Easier Recipe Prep
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Buy a chunk and shred it yourself.

You have a recipe in mind for dinner, but it calls for fresh shredded Parmesan for the best flavor. Oh, forget it you think. You don’t feel like shredding Parmesean. Or it calls for minced garlic – you don’t feel like chopping up garlic, either.

We all have those moments where we wish it was already done for us. So…why don’t you just do it ahead of time?

I learned a couple of years back that it helps to have done some prep ahead of time to make cooking flow more smoothly. It takes a hour or two, but then it is ready to go when I need it, speeding up my cooking and cleaning time.


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