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In case you haven’t seen it or need a refresher, here is one of my favorite videos on where your stuff comes from, where it goes when you throw it away and the cost to the health of our planet and ourselves. It’s a good one to watch with your kids to plant the seeds of awareness.

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie – Tips & Tricks
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I have a sweet tooth and so does my family. After watching the documentary Fed Up (which I highly recommend!)  and the previous article on sugar, I came to understand even more than ever how harmful sugar can be.  I cut our family down even more than they already were.

homemade cookies

Good lookin’ cookie

This brings us to my cookies. What? But you just said…? Yes, I did. But even I  must concede that we in our family cannot give up sugar 100%. And I have noticed that the more you restrict something like that, the more it will backfire on you. I have had a few years to experiment with my family’s response to how I manage their food choices. I notice that if I provide a little homemade treat on a regular basis, they still feel as though they are getting goodies. It has gone a long way in how much they seek out junky food. Homemade means I have some control as to what goes into the food we eat on a regular basis.

My cookies are awesome. Yeah, I said awesome. They are requested at most every gathering I attend. I have spent 15 years perfecting the art of a good, simple chocolate chip cookie. Here are the best tips and tricks I have gathered over the years.

Sugar: The Less, The Better
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Guest post by Laura Vendever 

It’s everywhere you look: sugar is the latest terrible-for-you thing in the news. It joins, over the years, coffee, salt, eggs, fat, and smoking—but in the long run, only a couple of those things were actually dangerous. The others, not so much.

Sugar: the sneaky toxin

Sugar: the sneaky toxin

Today’s super-villain is sugar. Words used to describe it, in relation to health, include “toxic,” “poisonous,” and even “deadly.”

But is sugar really deadly?

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My kids love these kinds of activities. We are seeing slacklines and ziplines pop up in everyone’s backyard as the kids start to outgrow their swing sets. My daughter already rocks a unicyle, why not add to the balance challenge?

Now, let’s see how it goes…maybe I will consider putting up a zip line as well. Maybe.